Carlos Tornero Pando

My name is Carlos Tornero Pando and in this page i would like to give a little a bit of information about real estate investments not only in Spain but also in other countries/areas such as Eastern Europe and Usa. As of part of my work i intermediate on real estate operations, mostly from foreign investors wanting to invest in Spain,however theres a bit of everything. In my opinion right know they are very interesting opportunities to invest on in Spain,mostly in the areas of Madrid, Barcelona,Valencia and some parts of Andalucia. It depends all on what type of investor/buyers you are, if you are looking a property just as an investment its a good idea to look into properties where is going to be easy to rent the property . Best oppportunies if you want to buy a property where its easy to rent are mostly in Coast areas, and in the capital of Spain(Madrid) more concrete in the center of Madrid. This type of property,especially the ones in the coast areas have suffered a strong decreased in prices which makes the property even more interesting. Out of Spain,countries such as Usa, and countries like Egypt, Norway and Morocco(Marrakesh,Tanger) are destinations where real estate prices keep increasing.